From 2003-2009, I ran a small business building electronic devices on a custom-order basis for musicians around the world. The projects ranged from adding an expression pedal jack to a completely customized synthesizer. I also designed some circuits for small effects pedal companies. All in all, there are probably a few hundred devices with my signature scribbled in Sharpie somewhere on their case. This page shows some of the more interesting projects I completed. Click on any of the thumbnails in the scrolling box below for information, images, soundclips, and videos of each project.

The Parallel Universe  The Sandwich Echo  The   Digital Lo-Fi Box  The Mini-Optosynth  Stereo Chorus/Vibrato/Panner  Buffered death loop  Modified MM4 with Joystick Modulation Box  Small Clone Chorus/Tremolo/Vibrato  Noise Organism  Analog Sample Rate Reducer  The   Modified Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer  The Nintendo Muff  Modified BOSS RPS-10  All-in-one Analog Multieffect  French Toast Machine  Modified Electro Harmonix Small Stone  Modified ModFX Philtre  Modified Sirkut Electronics R-Mod  BOSS FZ-2 mix knob 

The Sandwich Echo

"It's my favorite delay ever and I especially love the way it pitchshifts... Colin really exceeded my expectations for this pedal and it's become the centerpiece of my rig. I highly recommend this mod because it really sounds excellent." -Paul Belbusti

The sandwich echo is what I call any rehoused Danelectro PB&J delay I do. After my first Sandwich echo, I got tons of requests for other ones, because the mods and rehouse turn this 20 dollar pedal into a truly unique and useful delay. Mods available are the "coarse" mod, which switches an extra delay time knob that expands the delay time to 4 or more lo-fi seconds, self oscillation, expression pedal mods for any or all of the pedal's parameters, dry level, effects loop, hold, reverse, LFO modulation and a whole lot more. Take your imagination away with this one. All sandwich echos so far have been done on a custom, per-order basis, so let me know if you want me to do one for you.


Coarse mode, oscillation, long/short by Paul Belbusti

Modulation, lo-fi delay, mild self oscillation