From 2003-2009, I ran a small business building electronic devices on a custom-order basis for musicians around the world. The projects ranged from adding an expression pedal jack to a completely customized synthesizer. I also designed some circuits for small effects pedal companies. All in all, there are probably a few hundred devices with my signature scribbled in Sharpie somewhere on their case. This page shows some of the more interesting projects I completed. Click on any of the thumbnails in the scrolling box below for information, images, soundclips, and videos of each project.

The Parallel Universe  The Sandwich Echo  The   Digital Lo-Fi Box  The Mini-Optosynth  Stereo Chorus/Vibrato/Panner  Buffered death loop  Modified MM4 with Joystick Modulation Box  Small Clone Chorus/Tremolo/Vibrato  Noise Organism  Analog Sample Rate Reducer  The   Modified Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer  The Nintendo Muff  Modified BOSS RPS-10  All-in-one Analog Multieffect  French Toast Machine  Modified Electro Harmonix Small Stone  Modified ModFX Philtre  Modified Sirkut Electronics R-Mod  BOSS FZ-2 mix knob 

The Nintendo Muff

"The Nintendomuff gets more attention onstage then I do... People see me playing with an old NES joystick, making these insane outerworldy noises and just go crazy!" -John Biscutti

This is the infamous Nintendo Muff. Inside the controller is a heavily circuit bent Electro Harmonix Big Muff. I took out parts of the NES Advantage's circuit board so that the big muff could share the case and could make use of the various knobs and buttons on the controller. The joystick, buttons, switches, and knobs all control various squeals and squeaks made by the bent muff. The footswitch is just a bypass switch and the additional knob controls the level. What results is a highly tweakable noise fuzz device. I wish I had made a video!