From 2003-2009, I ran a small business building electronic devices on a custom-order basis for musicians around the world. The projects ranged from adding an expression pedal jack to a completely customized synthesizer. I also designed some circuits for small effects pedal companies. All in all, there are probably a few hundred devices with my signature scribbled in Sharpie somewhere on their case. This page shows some of the more interesting projects I completed. Click on any of the thumbnails in the scrolling box below for information, images, soundclips, and videos of each project.

The Parallel Universe  The Sandwich Echo  The   Digital Lo-Fi Box  The Mini-Optosynth  Stereo Chorus/Vibrato/Panner  Buffered death loop  Modified MM4 with Joystick Modulation Box  Small Clone Chorus/Tremolo/Vibrato  Noise Organism  Analog Sample Rate Reducer  The   Modified Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer  The Nintendo Muff  Modified BOSS RPS-10  All-in-one Analog Multieffect  French Toast Machine  Modified Electro Harmonix Small Stone  Modified ModFX Philtre  Modified Sirkut Electronics R-Mod  BOSS FZ-2 mix knob 

Modified MM4 with Joystick Modulation Box

This Line 6 MM4 Modulation Modeler has a huge amount of tweaks and modifications. First, I added my standard crash switch (the large red pushbutton), which causes the pedal to oscillate, generate white noise, and distort in a somewhat random fashion. I also added 6 glitch switches that create a variety of other distortions and noisy oscillations. Because the glitches can make the pedal very loud, there is a switchable volume control on one side. On the other side, there is a reset switch for when the pedal crashes. To top things off, I added a very flexible expression box. The expression box allows the user to control any number of knobs on the pedal with a joystick or an LFO, just as you are normally able to do with an expression pedal. The joystick allows the user to jump between 6 expression settings (4 directions and 2 buttons), and the LFO cycles through the expression settings, with a controllable rate, shape, and depth. There is also a jack for normal expression pedal control. The entire unit is painted in a matte black and all of the knobs and LEDs have been replaced to match. The final product can create a infinite number of distortions and strange tones by combining the MM4's presets with the various glitches and incredibly flexible expression control.


Processing drum loop

Processing guitar